Sunday, May 13, 2007


On Saturday May 12, 2007 Amy Contrada, the writer of MassResistance, finally revealed herself to the LGBT community. For the first time she put herself out there, willing to be photographed and interact with our supporters.

Amy, wearing an ill-fitted tan blazer and sporting greasy unkempt hair, began her day at the Youth Pride Celebration on the Boston Common where she (and a man wearing a red cap) lurked around taking photographs of our youth and adult leaders. She carried both a video camera and digital camera to capture as much "depravity" as possible. Amy especially focuses on the young people who are brave enough to express their gender in a way that deviates from societies rigid binary gender norms so that she can "shock and appall" her misinformed readers.

After Youth Pride Amy headed over to the BAGLY Prom where she showed her true colors. When Trevor Wright, organizer for the Prom and blogger for QueerToday, yelled at her to move she became infuriated. During their interaction, Amy hastily asked Trevor if he knew what "cum vomit" was. She insisted she read about "cum vomit" on the GLSEN web site, and that we were brainwashing young people to be "crazed homosexuals."

Later she claimed that there was no real difference between a pedophile and a homosexual. She insisted sex and "depravity" were going on inside the BAGLY Prom, and demanded to be allowed inside. The obvious truth is there is an adult volunteer for every 10 youth in the Prom, and as the BAGLY web site indicates all sex, drugs, and violence are banned.

Amy tries to portray herself as an innocent, quiet and lonely suburban mom. But in reality she is a confused, and mentally disturbed individual who is OBSESSED with homosexuality. Perhaps she is afraid that her son Anthony, a student involved in music at Oberlin who has a gay roommate, is going to turn out gay. (Pssst.... rumor has it Amy's daughter is supportive of GSAs! We're on it!)

Amy informed Trevor that her son's roommate is going to die an early death due to AIDS because he is gay, and that she is very afraid for her son because he lives with a gay student.

This is the real Amy Contrada folks.

In addition to Amy, the MassNews Troll (who we exposed last October) was videotaping the day's events as well. She is at EVERY gay event with her video camera.... just waiting for another "fist gate" opportunity.

There was also a man in his early 40's lurking around, who from time to time would chat with Amy. The way he stared down the youth outside of City Hall freaked us out.

On May 15th, Amy updated her website of lies with some proposterous claims regarding Youth Pride Day. Almost every sentence in her most recent posting on massresistance includes a lie....from her misinformation about the BAGLY Prom to her made-up accusations. She said she sought out police protection - lie. The truth is Amy was following the youth around with her cameras all day long, and never needed any police protection. It was Amy who was the creepy adult following young people around, not the supportive accepting adults cheering alongside the parade route. She said MassReistance's calls were the reason Deval Patrick could not make it to the event- lie. The truth is he had a prior comittment. She said it was quietly announced that Deval couldn't make it - lie. The truth is Deval Patrick sent a message to the youth at the celebration: that he supports them and supports safe schools. Deval also wrote a letter to PFLAG recently in support of their Pride & Passion event to support safe schools work.


Trevor Wright said...

Over all it wasn't a bad event. That guy in his 40's in the red hat and pink shirt.. he was creapy when i asked why he was taking pictures he told me "they are for personal use" then he asked me if he could be my date into the prom... They are all sick and twisted..

Kasey H. said...

You told her about cum vomit, Trevor??? That was supposed to be our secret!!! Now she will know what the army of gay fetuses growing inside my stomach are living off of!!! She might try to hijack my supply and kill our gaybies!! It's all your fault!!!

Sharoney said...

Boy oh boy. This woman is really something, isn't she? She really needs to find a new hobby.

I can't help wondering what her son thinks of his mom's activities and proclivities. Maybe someone should contact him for a candid interview.

trainspotter said...


Her daughter, Claudia, is my friend, and has a major role in the controversial anti-hate play, The Laramie Project, which is about the murder of homosexual Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming.

see the cast list here:

Go Claudia!

Anonymous said...
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Mark D. Snyder said...
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Sarah said...

There is a picture of one of my friends at the prom on MassResistance with his boyfriend, and there's another picture of my friend's friend! We're all pretty pissed off about it. The amount of lies they tell is ridiculous. They called my friend's friend a "middle schooler" to try to scare parents or something, but he's in high school...